The difference of Bitcoin slots and games in a regular casino

Bitcoin slots features and benefits

The world of online games is changing rapidly, but this does not only mean the emergence of new gambling products and services. The payment methods are also changed. Cryptocurrency gambling has become a convenient alternative for players in those countries where both a digital currency and online casino are not prohibited.

If we talk about the gameplay itself, then there is no difference whether gamblers make a bet in fiat or in crypto choosing Bitcoin slots. Only the method of payment and the processing speed of the payment change.

Features of playing Bitcoin slots

Paying Bitcoin slots, gamblers use not fiat (dollars, Euros, Pounds, other national traditional currencies), but cryptocurrency. In all free Bitcoin slots, both deposit and withdrawal of funds occur almost without commission. It’s safe to use Bitcoin, as a refund is almost impossible, and their high processing speed provides this method with an additional advantage. In fact, Bitcoin casinos are slightly different from ordinary online gambling sites.

Developers offer the same wide range of games including both classic and innovative slots. Such interactive casinos are usually adapted for mobile versions — players can run slots both from a computer and from their smartphone based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This allows gamers to play anytime, anywhere. As for the interface and game design, the developers tried to make it as accessible and intuitive as possible. Such online casinos are multilingual. Most often, for registration, players just enter their email address and password. After creating a personal account, it will be possible to track bonuses, as well as the status of the account.

The disadvantages of financial transactions in regular online casinos are not only the conversion of currencies and the complicated verification procedure. Another important problem of conventional online casinos is significant delays in withdrawing funds. The exact time for withdrawing money depends on the chosen payment system and the casino itself.

Cryptocurrency casino games

Today, the easiest, and most profitable way to gamble online is to register on sites that allow players to bet using Bitcoins. Naturally, such resources also accept payments and allow people to withdraw funds in cryptocurrency. The procedure for depositing funds and withdrawing funds is as simple as possible. To deposit funds to the casino account, the user must have a cryptocurrency wallet. It can be either a virtual wallet, which is located on a server connected to a virtual network, or a portable one, which one can take with him and use at any time. The second option is convenient in that anyone can make payments without access to the Internet.

Having won Bitcoins in Bitcoin slots free games, Poker or Roulette a player one can withdraw the winnings to his wallet. Almost all crypto-casinos support the ability to make payments by scanning a personal QR code that contains information about the player’s Bitcoin address. This method will save the gambler from having to enter data manually, which simplifies the procedure in order. It is enough to have a device with a camera (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) to play Bitcoin slots to withdraw funds from the casino account (including winnings from a deposit bonus).

Cryptocurrency slots benefits

Bitcoin gambling is gradually replacing the casino with fiat. And there are many reasons for this. Consider the main advantages of a cryptocurrency game.

  1. Complete anonymity of the user. A visitor of a BTC casino should not provide personal information about himself, remaining completely anonymous. All transactions also occur anonymously, so no one will know about the amounts of deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  2. Easy to deposit and withdraw funds. In conventional online casinos, to withdraw money, players need to confirm their identity, expect verification of all documents by the support service, which sometimes takes a single week. When withdrawing money in a Bitcoin casino, they need to indicate a wallet address and the sum. The operations do not require any fees and additional charges.
  3. Withdrawal guarantee. The properties of the cryptocurrency guarantee complete transaction security. The situations when the casino blocks the user’s account and does not return the funds there are completely excluded. Thus, the player dealing with Bitcoin slots can always withdraw his funds, and instantly.
  4. Ability to play at the lowest rates. Bets in regular casinos are usually limited by a cent or other national currency. Playing BTC slots, one can bet one Satoshi, which is approximately 0.002 dollars. This opportunity attracts those players who visit the casino not for winning, but directly for the game process.
  5. Bitcoin volatility. Bitcoin is supposed to grow in price well, so gamblers, who will win and hold crypto for long, will get additional profits.

What games can be played in a BTC casino?

A wide variety of games is available in cryptocurrency casinos, which, as a rule, exceeds the choice of games in ordinary online casinos in their number and variety. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Bitcoin slots with free spins;
  • Baccarat;
  • BlackJack;
  • Lotteries;
  • Video poker;
  • Roulette.

All these games accept bets in cryptocurrency, and in the widest range of sizes, so one can play at the lowest rates, practically without spending his money, or at large rates, getting the opportunity to break a huge bank.

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